Quick Ways to Save Money When Shopping Online

Mmmmmm, Papa John’s pizza.

At least once a month my wife and I can’t resist, and we spend some of our dining out budget on a hot, cheesy pizza from the national chain.

Would it surprise you to hear that I NEVER (and I truly mean never) pay full price?

How you ask?

There’s ALWAYS at least a 25% off coupon for Papa John’s online. You just need to venture out and find it.

In fact, every time I shop online I have a habit of making sure I check out a few websites before finalizing my purchase. This ensures that I save as much money as I possibly can on my purchase.

But there’s always one thing I ask myself first…

Is This Purchase Budgeted For?

Saving money on a purchase is invigorating. We all love the hunt.

But while that “awesome deal” you just scored technically saved you money on the purchase, it doesn’t mean you’re actually doing what’s best for you.

Why you ask?

Because if you’re spending money on a purchase that isn’t budgeted for, you’re still overspending.

If you stumble across a dining set at Target.com for 90% off, you need to realize that it’s still 10% ON.

I don’t care how awesome of a deal you just got, you’re buying something that wasn’t budgeted for.

Technically that money was already budgeted for something else and you’ll run the risk of missing the mark on your financial goals for that month.

Can you make adjustments to some discretionary items in your budget to make the purchase fit?

Absolutely! Just remember to actually do it. 🙂

So if the item is budgeted for or you made some adjustments to make it fit, let’s find out how to make sure you save some money on the purchase.

What’s The Best Price?

Before I make a purchase, I check to see where I can find the best deal. That search starts on Google Shopping.

Let’s say I’m looking to purchase a watch that I budgeted for. I’d go to Google Shopping and type in what I’m looking for.

From the results, I can find out where I want to purchase the item from based on the lowest price available.

But I’m not done saving money yet!

It’s time to save even more.

Save Money Shopping Online